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My First Pinterest Project

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“Get a hobby, create a skill, perfect your art, and secure your future.” – Shea Sollars

Often encouraged by my boyfriend to find a new hobby, I decided to dedicate one day a week to crafting a project I saw on Pinterest, and blogging about the experience. I first created my Pinterest account while employed with Michael’s Arts & Crafts for the creative inspiration required by my position. Falling back into crafting was easy once I started working for a local craft store as I quickly noticed my most valuable customers were fellow Pinterest enthusiasts. I began going through my boards searching for simple yet inexpensive tasks I could complete in a short amount of time. I wanted to find a way to incorporate an old hobby I once enjoyed, so I decided to start a blog as a way to display my projects and communicate with other crafters. While on my first three day vacation from work, I was finally able to put all my plans into action. Screenshot_2015-08-01-14-48-52_1I had settled on a painted monogrammed 8 x 10 canvas idea while vowing to take as many pictures possible. I learned a lot of beneficial lessons with this craft, saw how productive adapting a hobby can be, but most importantly it provided some stress free and relaxing “me time”.

I did all my shopping at a locally, and managed to spend around $10 on everything (including the canvas). I liked the original color scheme, so I chose to use acrylic paint along with an extra fine gold glitter. A few basic crafting supplies to keep handy include: a wash paint brush (to coat the canvas), liner paint brushes (for the lettering design), a ruler (or a stencil) and a well sharpen pencil with an eraser. I used a spare paint brush to line some letters in an all purpose craft glue, but later thought if a crafting glue pen or possibly a hot glue gun would have worked much better. I double coated the canvas with a Vivid Pink by Anita’s Acrylic, and once it dried started on the wording. I realize now that I should have printed the letters on the canvas first ensuring they were dark enough to see once all the coats were added. Also, if you paint the canvas first you can’t erase any mistakes, and your pencils marks may be hard to see. A ruler is necessary whether you freehand or use a stencil for the monogramming. Drawing straight lines would help with letter arrangement and spacing before committing to placement.


I was most excited to use the glitter even though by that time it was evident I wasn’t fully prepared for the task. The Elmer’s school glue worked great once everything had dried, but while applying it to the letters in was difficult to make thinner lines. Looking back on it a glue pen or marker, commonly used in paper-crafting, would have made following the shape and size of the design much easier. I was quite pleased to finally complete my first “Pinterest Project”, and glad it could be an awesome learning experience as well as motivation to publish my first public blog in over four years. Again, I plan to promote my blog through personal social media accounts such as, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram in hopes of connecting with or establishing a zealous community of fellow crafters. I pray my blog will encourage others to not only “pin” the things they like in life, but also put forth the effort to actually achieve them. The best advise I was ever given to help cope with the constant struggles of life originated as a statement my boyfriend posted on Facebook. “Get a hobby, create a skill, perfect your art and secure your future.” This concept has generated such positive changes in my life I want others to discover the wisdom, comfort and joy it brings.


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