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“Why So Serious?!”

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IMAG0017After an “epic fail” on my first Pinterest Project, I became discouraged by my new crafting hobby. I often set high standards for myself, promptly becoming a pessimist when things don’t turn out exactly how I planned. As I prepared to revise my canvas design, I was dispirited to be lacking basic and necessary supplies, yet again. I quickly fell into a negative mind set, until the infamous quote “Why so serious?!” started echoing in my head. I was able to calm my anxious mind with the simple truth: “I am a beginner and everything will not be perfect.”

IMAG0001_crop_cropI decided to practice some lettering, then take a much needed mental break. During the following week I was notified that my Pinterest Project received over 100 repins! This definitely served as the motivation I needed to stay focused. Finding inspiration in several free beginner’s pamphlets for aspiring artists, I now strive to become a well equipped, knowledgeable crafter. I also wanted to encourage others to keep a positive attitude when things like procrastination, anxiety and insecurity set in.

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” – Scott Hamilton


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