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Unexpected Inspiration

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During this past week I’ve had more spare time on my hands than expected. It should have been spent crafting, but I decided not to start something new until my canvas project was complete. Procrastination has also reared its’ ugly head, leaving me in no hurry to splurge on new materials. To compensate I began looking into recycled projects as a way to save money and continue my hobby. My first task is turning an old shoe box into a craft supply box. I’ve included pictures, just keep in mind it’s still a work in progress.

IMAG0136 IMAG0135

Btw, Starbucks makes me happy and creative! 🙂

I wouldn’t categorize video gaming as a hobby, but after being introduced to (World of Warcraft) WOW, I quickly became obsessed. As a (massive multiplayer online role-playing game) MMORPG newbie, the story line initially caught my attention. Habitually I can be overcritical towards the fantasy genre, but I learned to just relax and have fun. I loved creating and naming my character, as well as selecting a loyal battle pet and a profession.

WoWScrnShot_091315_010046 screenshot_2015-09-12-20-53-25_1

Soralyn, an undead huntress, gradually became the inspiration behind a few recent and future projects. My drawings and Tumblr site (pictured below) are slightly based on her hunter lifestyle. Eventually I want to draw my boyfriend’s avatar and mine in PVP (Player VS. Player) mode, my beloved pet BooBear, and my favorite crossbows used in battle.

IMAG0134_1 Screenshot_2015-09-12-20-48-25_1

Maintaining a hobby can be challenging at times, however a genuine passion can provide essential and constant motivation. I stepped out of my comfort zone by embracing one of Shea’s pastimes, and honestly, it was worth the effort. Inspiration doesn’t always come so easy. You may have to try new things, visit new places or even meet to people to preserve your creative spark and drive.

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