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DIY Hair Mask: For Dry, Damaged Hair

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I prefer using natural, homemade beauty products, and while browsing Facebook I found this DIY hair mask. Coconut oil and honey are used in most of my skin and hair care regimens, so I had all three ingredients on hand. The coconut cream pictured is in its solid state, but melted oil works best for mixing.

I tripled the original recipe to saturate my short, thick, kicky mane completely. I later realized starting with dampened hair would probably require much less. After applying the mask I immediately saw and felt the difference. My scalp felt extremely moisturized, and my natural curls looked amazing. I placed a shower cap over my head for about an hour; passing the time by pampering my legs and feet with a homemade sugar scrub!

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Rinsing your hair with cool water is the best option, however, lukewarm still works for me. I followed by washing and conditioning with sulfate free store products (eventually I want to use homemade shampoo and conditioner as well). I moisturized my hair with pure coconut oil and proceeded to let it air dry over night (for curly or kinky hair, it’s best to sleep under a silk hair scarf or on silk pillow cases). The next morning I was so impressed with how soft and manageable my hair was! I could not stop touching it. For continued results I plan on using this hair mask once a week!


One Pot Spinach and Artichoke Mac&Cheese

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Recently, Facebook users were asked to share pictures of their “Tasty” inspired recipes. I immediately posted two photos, and was surprised by all the positive feedback I received. #ThanksTasty for the motivation to continue sharing my cooking and DIY ventures!

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This cheesy mixture of spinach and artichoke hearts was the perfect way to introduce my children to new vegetables. I suggest to finely chop the artichoke hearts if you have picky eaters. Any dish that requires just one pot, will always be a favorite in my book; the less dishes to clean the better! I recommend cast iron cookware, which can be used on the stove top and in the oven.

Full Recipe

 Visit my newest category #ThanksTasty, for more delicious‐simple recipes!

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