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Decorative Scrapbooking Paper on 12X12 Canvas (Part One)

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With this Pinterest Project, I wanted to try the popular product Mod Podge. I decided to use this all-in-one, glue, sealer and finish, to embellish a canvas with a single sheet of scrapbooking paper. Adding a painted chipboard letter as a finishing touch, makes for a great gift idea, or a personalized wall accessory for your home or office. My boyfriend, Shea, volunteered to help, and I found some handy tips on an awesome crafting blog.


Following the advise of fellow crafters we painted the edges black to better blend with the paper. Shea used some of the excess paint to cover the top, noting that it would help if the paper was trimmed. I opted to use the same sized paper and canvas.


Using a paint or foam bush, the glue can be applied to the back of the paper, or the front of the canvas. Trying to avoid any air bubbles, I let Shea handle this step. He covered the canvas first, then quickly, and carefully laid the paper down. Other crafters suggest special smoothing tools, but an ID card worked just fine for us. You may notice excess paper along the sides, it can be trimmed off, or wrapped around the edges using a little more glue.


It is very important to smooth the paper thoroughly before letting it dry. We placed the canvas face down on a flat, clean surface, stacking several books on top for extra tension. After drying overnight I was pleased with the results.


 Additional embellishments are optional; with a few sheets of coordinating paper, a simple, yet cute, wall project (pictured below) can be achieved. I’m excited to start phase two in my venture by continuing to decorate this canvas. Be sure to check out the second part of this post to view the finished product.


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